After a careful analysis and in accordance with the international rules, FFPS&COM fire-skilled engineers work out detailed designs including mechanical, electrical and I&C systems.

We offer a professional analysis, study and conceptual design to find the correct solutions for consulting engineers and end users.

FFPS&COM is working on different kinds of projects related to fire-fighting covering these different fields.


  • Consulting and advising
  • Fire protection risk analysis


  • Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID).
  • Drawing for equipment positioning and piping (Lay-out).
  • Detail and construction drawing.
  • Piping isometric drawing (Sketch).
  • Support collection.
  • Line list.
  • Hydraulic calculation for pipe sizing and verification, using the latest software (PIPENET, HYDRONICS).
  • Material list, in according to customer standards.
  • Mechanical design of tanks according to international codes
  • Data sheets for special equipment.
  • Installation manual.
  • Commissioning manual.
  • Maintenance manual.
  • Mechanical Structural Calculation (skid, supports, etc…).
  • Flow and instrument (P&ID).
  • Block diagram.
  • Wiring diagram.
  • Interconnection diagram.
Flow and instrument (P&ID).
  • Fabrication drawings.
  • Work packs preparation & material tracking.
  • Drawings mark-ups for as built.

Plants and equipment designed in accordance to the following codes :


  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association, USA)
  • UNI-EN (Italien Standardisation Organisation)

(European Standardisation)

  • FM (Factory Mutual)
  • ISO (International Standardisation Organisation)
  • Fire-fighting System Simulation.
  • Fire-fighting Equipment Sizing.
  • Fire-fighting Equipment specifications.
  • Mechanical equipment specifications.
  • Piping design specifications and arrangement drawings.
  • E&I specifications & guide drawings.
  • All detailed drawings and data sheets.
  • Piping installation, Isometrics and P&ID.
  • Mechanical design calculations & drawings.
  • E&I calculations & drawings
  • IOM manuals
  • As built drawings
  • Civil specifications & guide drawings
  • Fire-fighting system dimensioning & Calculations.
  • Fire-fighting skid conception.
  • Structure dimensioning & stress analysis for fire-fighting skid.
  • E&I design philosophies.
  • Mechanical & layout design.
  • Stress analysis (Piping, Structure…).
  • Hydraulic calculation.
  • Tank storage design & calculation.
  • 3D conception.
  • English.
  • Italian.
  • French.
  • Portuguese.
  • Arabic.

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