“Competence makes the difference”

Our team is composed of certified-field-service-specialists who work side-by-side on site with our customers during the different steps of the project to ensure the correct practices and deliver the project in a safe, reliable and operational condition with a complete customer satisfaction.

Our project management is handled by qualified managers who have been trained on most standard project management procedures including schedule, monitoring, reporting, process control, cost control, etc.. We believe that the effectiveness of the project is controlled through the establishment and application of specific procedures, followed by checks/inspections and tests. That’s why we make sure our staff apply and maintain the procedures related to project management, such as Quality Assurance, Quality control, Health, safety and Environment.

Our supervisory specialists have extensive experience in the construction of various types of firefighting systems; we can provide a full technical support, by conducting erection work from material reception, supervision and QA/QC control.

We can develop and conduct project method of statement, project quality plans, assure the technical compliance with NFPA and firefighting standards, Conduct onsite visits and coordinate with construction and operation personnel continuously.

Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and start-up

We handle the commissioning activities needed during the different steps of your project in order to guarantee the performance of the installation, meet the design concept and the project requirements.

Accordingly, this service takes in consideration the mobilization of highly qualified specialists and needed tools as well as commissioning procedures, documents and planning, site acceptance tests, reporting, execute documented commissioning activities, start-up procedures and performance tests.

We provide assistance through the operation and maintenance of the firefighting systems. We save you valuable time and money, we ensure the preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, inventory management, spare parts recommendation, preparation of maintenance planning.

Certification and performance test

in order to make sure about the fire protection system it’s very important to test the functionality and the performance of the system, we insure all the necessary tests to certify the fire protection system. The performance tests can be applied for new such as for old installations.

Our engineers are highly qualified to make a field operating and maintenance training.

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